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Low temperature heat electro-sheet infrared carbon fiber LINEN 150 x 90 cm EcoSapiens Gessmarket

Low temperature heat electro-mattress infrared carbon fiber LARS 145*75 cm EcoSapiens Gessmarket

Low temperature heat electro-sheet infrared carbon fiber SOFY 150 x 120 cm EcoSapiens Gessmarket

Frying Pan without lid Rondell Noble Red 28 cm RDI-706 (utensils to high temperature Resistance)

Zhang Litong High Temperature Ceramic Matrix Composites 8

This proceedings contains 78 papers from the 8th International Conference on High Temperature Ceramic Matrix Composites, held September 22-26, 2013 in Xi'an, Shaanxi, China. Chapters include: Ceramic Genome, Computational Modeling, and Design Advanced Ceramic Fibers, Interfaces, and Interphases Nanocomposite Materials and Systems Polymer Derived Ceramics and Composites Fiber Reinforced Ceramic MatrixComposites Carbon-Carbon Composites: Materials, Systems, and Applications Ultra High Temperature Ceramics and MAX Phase Materials Thermal and Environmental Barrier Coatings

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Mug 14 cm, 280 ml (pack. 1/24 PCs.)

Ketil Motzfeldt High Temperature Experiments in Chemistry and Materials Science

Cutting edge high temperature materials include high temperature superconductors, solid oxide fuel cells, thermoelectric materials and ultrahigh temperature construction materials (including metals, cermets and ceramics) and have applications in key areas such as energy, transportation and space technologies. This book introduces the concepts which underpin research into these critical materials including thermodynamics, kinetics and various physical, chemical and modelling techniques with a focus on practical “how to” methods and covers: Introduction to High Temperature Research Basic Design of High Temperature Furnaces Temperature Measurement Radiation Pyrometry Refractory Materials in the Laboratory Vacuum in Theory and Practice The Design of Vacuum Furnaces and Thermobalances With highly detailed instrument illustrations and an emphasis on the control and measurement of the fundamental properties of temperature, pressure and mass, High Temperature Experiments in Chemistry and Materials Science provides a practical reference on high temperature measurements, for researchers, advanced students and those working in academic or industrial laboratories. Introduction to High Temperature Research Basic Design of High Temperature Furnaces Temperature Measurement Radiation Pyrometry Refractory Materials in the Laboratory Vacuum in Theory and Practice The Design of Vacuum Furnaces and Thermobalances

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60 pcs / lots , 6 cm mini rose chiffon flowers for headband apparel accessories 25 colors

Eco Net mesh mosquito net door (60*220 cm) 2 PCs EcoSapiens

HOTTY color square Heating pad (infrared) 40 cm x 50 carbon fiber Gess Gessmarket

Tao Jiang 2nd International Symposium on High-Temperature Metallurgical Processing

High Temperature Metallurgical Processing contains the proceedings of the Second International Symposium on Thermal Processing of Minerals, Metals and Materials. This symposium explores physical and chemical transformations in materials that have been designed to facilitate the recovery of valuable metals or produce other useful materials. Representatives from both industry and academia focused on the latest innovative high temperature technologies. Because high temperature processes require high energy input, the presenters addressed the need for sustainable technologies that could provide low energy consumption and low pollution emissions. The symposium also examined the thermodynamics and kinetics of chemical reactions, phase transformations at elevated temperatures, and characterization of materials used or produced in high temperature processing.

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Mug 10 cm, 450 ml (pack. 1/24 PCs.)

Brush GARDENA 03609-2000000 (For cleaning террас, working width 32 cm, recommended hand grip 130-150 high quality plastic shell, flexible pp bundles bristle)

Gift Wrapping Paper Book. Barcelona Тiles

Each book measures 25 x 35 cm and contains 4 pp text and 12 large sheets of high-quality gift wrapping paper. The inividual gift wrapping papers measure 50 x 70 cm...

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HOTTY color flover Heating pad (infrared) 40 cm x 50 carbon fiber, Warmer, Body gift, EcoSapiens

HOTTY color LIne Heating pad (infrared) 40 cm x 50 carbon fiber heating body warming hot-water bottle Gess Gessmarket

100 pcs/lot, You Choose Color 4 CM Felt Rosette with Leaf Flowers, handmade Fabric Flower For DIY headband Hair Accessories

Mold for cupcake ХОРС, 5,5 cm, 6 PCs

Tao Jiang 4th International Symposium on High-Temperature Metallurgical Processing

In the last decade, global metallurgical industries have experienced fast and prosperous growth. High temperature metallurgical technology is the backbone to support the technical, environmental, and economical needs for the growth. This symposium provides a stage to introduce the advancements and developments of new high temperature metallurgical technologies and their applications to the areas of processing of minerals, extraction of metals, preparation of refractory and ceramic materials, sintering and synthesis of fine particles, treatment and recycling of slag and wastes, and saving of energy and protection of environment.

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Rainer Wesche Physical Properties of High-Temperature Superconductors

A much-needed update on complex high-temperature superconductors, focusing on materials aspects; this timely book coincides with a recent major break-through of the discovery of iron-based superconductors. It provides an overview of materials aspects of high-temperature superconductors, combining introductory aspects, description of new physics, material aspects, and a description of the material properties This title is suitable for researchers in materials science, physics and engineering. Also for technicians interested in the applications of superconductors, e.g. as biomagnets

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Tao Jiang 6th International Symposium on High-Temperature Metallurgical Processing

The analysis, development, and/or operation of high temperature processes that involve the production of ferrous and nonferrous metals, alloys, and refractory and ceramic materials are covered in the book. The innovative methods for achieving impurity segregation and removal, by-product recovery, waste minimization, and/or energy efficiency are also involved. Eight themes are presented in the book: 1: High Efficiency New Metallurgical Process and Technology 2: Fundamental Research of Metallurgical Process 3: Alloys and Materials Preparation 4: Direct Reduction and Smelting Reduction 5: Coking, New Energy and Environment 6: Utilization of Solid Slag/Wastes and Complex Ores 7: Characterization of High Temperature Metallurgical Process

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Аксессуар Сумка 15.6 Continent CM-171 Black

4 PCS 6-7 Large Size Fashion Unicorn Cheer bows Elastic headband for school girls High Quality Hair Bows Cheerleading

César A. C. Sequeira High Temperature Corrosion. Fundamentals and Engineering

Reviews the science and engineering of high-temperature corrosion and provides guidelines for selecting the best materials for an array of system processes High-temperature corrosion (HTC) is a widespread problem in an array of industries, including power generation, aerospace, automotive, and mineral and chemical processing, to name a few. This book provides engineers, physicists, and chemists with a balanced presentation of all relevant basic science and engineering aspects of high-temperature corrosion. It covers most HTC types, including oxidation, sulfidation, nitridation, molten salts, fuel-ash corrosion, H2S/H2 corrosion, molten fluoride/HF corrosion, and carburization. It also provides corrosion data essential for making the appropriate choices of candidate materials for high-temperature service in process conditions. A form of corrosion that does not require the presence of liquids, high-temperature corrosion occurs due to the interaction at high temperatures of gases, liquids, or solids with materials. HTC is a subject is of increasing importance in many areas of science and engineering, and students, researchers, and engineers need to be aware of the nature of the processes that occur in high-temperature materials and equipment in common use today, especially in the chemical, gas, petroleum, electric power, metal manufacturing, automotive, and nuclear industries. Provides engineers and scientists with the essential data needed to make the most informed decisions on materials selection Includes up-to-date information accompanied by more than 1,000 references, 80% of which from within the past fifteen years Includes details on systems of critical engineering importance, especially the corrosion induced by low-energy radionuclides Includes practical guidelines for testing and research in HTC, along with both the European and International Standards for high-temperature corrosion engineering Offering balanced, in-depth coverage of the fundamental science behind and engineering of HTC, High Temperature Corrosion: Fundamentals and Engineering is a valuable resource for academic researchers, students, and professionals in the material sciences, solid state physics, solid state chemistry, electrochemistry, metallurgy, and mechanical, chemical, and structural engineers.

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Rhodes. 1:80 000

Mapa turistico y de carreteras de Rodas. Grecia. indice de ciudades. Resistente al agua. 70 x 100 cm / Doblado 25 x 10 cm. Escala 1:80.000. Idiomas: Espanol, Ingles, Frances y Aleman. Compatible GPS.

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Yanchun Zhou Ultra-High Temperature Ceramics. Materials for Extreme Environment Applications

The first comprehensive book to focus on ultra-high temperature ceramic materials in more than 20 years Ultra-High Temperature Ceramics are a family of compounds that display an unusual combination of properties, including extremely high melting temperatures (>3000°C), high hardness, and good chemical stability and strength at high temperatures. Typical UHTC materials are the carbides, nitrides, and borides of transition metals, but the Group IV compounds (Ti, Zr, Hf) plus TaC are generally considered to be the main focus of research due to the superior melting temperatures and stable high-melting temperature oxide that forms in situ. Rather than focusing on the latest scientific results, Ultra-High Temperature Ceramics: Materials for Extreme Environment Applications broadly and critically combines the historical aspects and the state-of-the-art on the processing, densification, properties, and performance of boride and carbide ceramics. In reviewing the historic studies and recent progress in the field, Ultra-High Temperature Ceramics: Materials for Extreme Environment Applications provides: Original reviews of research conducted in the 1960s and 70s Content on electronic structure, synthesis, powder processing, densification, property measurement, and characterization of boride and carbide ceramics. Emphasis on materials for hypersonic aerospace applications such as wing leading edges and propulsion components for vehicles traveling faster than Mach 5 Information on materials used in the extreme environments associated with high speed cutting tools and nuclear power generation Contributions are based on presentations by leading research groups at the conference «Ultra-High Temperature Ceramics: Materials for Extreme Environment Applications II» held May 13-19, 2012 in Hernstein, Austria. Bringing together disparate researchers from academia, government, and industry in a singular forum, the meeting cultivated didactic discussions and efforts between bench researchers, designers and engineers in assaying results in a broader context and moving the technology forward toward near- and long-term use. This book is useful for furnace manufacturers, aerospace manufacturers that may be pursuing hypersonic technology, researchers studying any aspect of boride and carbide ceramics, and practitioners of high-temperature structural ceramics.

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Mug-thermo Travel 15 cm, 400 ml (pack. 4/60 PCs.) A, B, C, D

CM.100 Блузка

плотная ткань, пайетки, одноцветное изделие, застежка сзади, пуговицы, длинные рукава, круглый вырез горловины, без карманов, внутри на подкладке

4700 RUR

CM.100 Блузка похожие


Mug-thermo Экзотик 400 ml, 8*15 cm (pack. 4/60 PCs.) A, B, C, D

Mug-thermo Retro 12 cm, 380 ml (pack. 4/72 PCs.) A, B, C, D

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